What Made me Get Juvéderm, What it’s Like and Why It’s Worth It 

I should start this blog by explaining that I didn’t wake up on the morning of my BIG 4-0 and run out and get Botox, Juvéderm or fillers. Although, in hindsight, I should have. 

It wasn’t until I had plastic surgery at the age of forty-one to fix a belly severely-wrecked by two pregnancies that I felt I had had enough of hiding inside tankinis. Another year and one birthday later, I began to notice not just an errant gray hair and the lines formed from emotions, but a very slight droopiness around the creases of my nose near my cheeks that had just begun to slide ever-so-slightly. 

Oh, and the world’s thinnest upper lip that looked so out of proportion with my lower lip that I looked like I ran out of money for fillers. To be fair, the tight, thin upper lip was always there but became more pronounced as I semi-graciously aged. 

The first order of business was finding the right person to fill the role of the injector which should always be a top priority because Botox and Juvéderm fillers can be overdone. Need proof? Watch the Oscars for the dos and don’ts. 

At 19, I desired the same look—just in reverse. That being said, I still didn’t want to look 10 years older—just old enough to drink without being questioned. 

Here are some tips for all you newbs or to those considering Juvéderm fillers:

—Do your research.  Look closely at before and after photos in the office of your chosen professional. I chose Parker Aesthetics because of their experience but ever-important conservative approach because I feared the dreaded pillow face” look. Feel free to Google the term for yourself. Above all, experience and certifications are key. 

—Be prepared.  Unlike getting a mani or pedi, being hydrated ahead of time matters whether you are having Juvéderm fillers or even Botox for that matter. This requires drinking at least 80 to 90 ounces of water at least 24 hours prior and avoiding too much caffeine that would impede hydration.

A good rule of thumb is 1/2 ounce of water per pound that you weigh every day! This will help lessen approximately 50% of anything potentially painful, helps you heal quicker and is an inexpensive way to keep yourself and your skin healthy. Keep in mind that based on your medical background, a topical numbing agent such as lidocaine is used prior to injection. Yup, just like your dentist.

—Ask questions beforehand.  If your professional is not offering a consult as a new patient accompanied with a medical screening then you should run as fast as your legs can take you. No, seriously. This is a major red flag even if you are getting the deal of a lifetime. 

—Expectations. I am not a fan of the dentist but when I got my first two injections, I could aptly describe them as the same numbing experience when I had a filling with the only similarity that both requires or offers Lidocaine to numb the area of injection and the sensation when injecting was the same. I’m only offering that last tidbit of info to prepare anyone for the first time. In all seriousness, it was quite painless (because I was hydrated), and my results were immediate. I was sent home with zero complications and a plumper more normal-sized upper lip and less sagging in the creases around my cheekbones. 

Naturally, it was subtle enough that no one noticed but just thought my skin looked smoother and more vibrant. Which is the whole point, right? 

To learn more about Juvéderm fillers visit ParkerBeauties.com