If Your pH Balance Isn’t Happy No Body’s Skin is Happy 

No matter what blemishes, scarring, wrinkles or imperfections be it in the past or present, pH balance is the ultimate equalizer when it comes to how our skin looks, reacts and ultimately behaves. 

Simply put, If pH ain’t happy, ain’t NO body’s skin is happy.

Your skin is not angry with you, it’s angry or put off by your pH balance. Over the last couple of years, pH has become kind of a buzzword “go-to” for hawking products ranging from shampoos to waters that claim to contain the right components to make things right with your body and skin. 

Although drinking water and staying properly hydrated is always a good idea, it’s important to understand the role that pH plays in healthy skin and your overall health. 

So, what is pH? Let’s start with what pH stands for and yes, it’s time to go full Bill Nye. The “p” in pH stands for potential and the “h” stands for hydrogen. Yes, that element. But don’t worry, it’s more of an educational bomb full of the right substance matter. 

Basically, pH is used to describe the measurement of acid or alkaline ratio of any material. 

“Naturally, your skin’s ideal state is somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5,” says Rebecca Reece-Porter, Owner of Colorado-based Parker Aesthetics and an Advanced Certified Injector and Certified Laser Technician. 

“Substance ranges start at 0 which is considered the most acidic all the way up to 14 which is considered the highest alkaline level,” explains Reece-Porter. 

Mathematically, hitting the middle mark of 7 is neutral but that is not natural for most humans because we were designed to have some acidity to combat damage that can occur from natural elements in our everyday environments. 

The right amount of acid shields against invaders that our bodies are constantly fighting against including allergens, nasty bacteria, UV light and other pollutants. 

Paging Charles Darwin! 

When that shield (or barrier if you prefer), has been compromised, our skin is the first organ to cry foul and react accordingly to get our attention in the form of redness, acne, and other attention-seeking skin behaviors. 

A good skincare specialist will always recommend products that first balance out skin that is out of balance. 

“One of the biggest topics that I address in my initial client consultation is the importance of pH balance, what it is and the important role it plays in their skin’s health and overall radiance.”  

Not all products are created equal and getting your skin back in balance is not difficult but shouldn’t be left to the unknown or unknown products, cautions Reece-Porter. 

Reece-Porter’s practice offers complimentary consultations so that she can educate her clients about the overall health of their skin and getting it on the right acidic track.