Today’s Chemical Peels Offer the Same Rewards to Your Skin Without the Risk  

Chemical peels offer many advantages to revealing younger, bright and glowing skin. Thankfully, today’s chemical peels offer all the same benefits without the same amount of risk commonly associated with having a medium or deep chemical peel. 

What is a chemical peel and how does it work:

Chemical peels contain a variety of acids and ingredients including malic acid, salicylic acid, willow bark extract and other properties. Don’t let these ingredients scare you, these components are actually made of naturally-occurring acids found in fruits and plants. Also natural is how your skin reacts to these chemicals by causing the top layer of your skin to peel off which leads to increased collagen production (which slows as you age) and cellular turnover.

Traditionally, chemical peels are classified by superficial, medium depth and deep peels. However, medium and deep peels come with quite a bit of risk including hyperpigmentation or developing of brown spots on your skin’s surface. Additional risks include a downtime of up to two months or more, painful burning and the danger of scarring—which is the opposite of what you want. 

Today’s aestheticians are able to get the same results of harsh chemicals by adapting the strength using fruit acids, enzymes and plant-based products based on the tolerance of each patient. 

In fact, aestheticians like Colorado-based Parker Aesthetics offers a safer alternative and approach to chemical peels with a minimal recovery time for all patients. “I perform and offer very specific, painless, and absolutely safe peels for all skin types with anywhere from zero to 4-5 days of peeling time,” says Rebecca Reece-Porter owner of Parker Aesthetics. 

Reece-Porter is not just the owner, but holds an ACI CLS license and is an Advanced Certified Injector and Certified Laser Technician. 

As an industry expert, she wanted to provide a less-harsh approach to chemical peels while still bringing the desired and dramatic results that her clients want to see. 

Still, she cautions everyone to take the necessary steps to protect their skin. “It is imperative that no matter what type of chemical peel you get that you apply a high SPF sunscreen ANYTIME you are going to be outside even if it’s overcast. Second to sunscreen, NEVER pick at or remove peeling skin. This can lead to permanent scarring which is the opposite of what you want,” says Reece-Porter. 

Lastly, do not try this at home and always choose an experienced and licensed professional to perform a chemical peel on your skin. 

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