Top 4 Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring 

Spring is in the air along with pollen and other pollutants. As our bodies transition from the sluggish winter months, it’s time to wake up our skin and get it ready for Spring. Here are four simple tips to go green and get your skin prepared for the warmer weather. 

1. Clean Slate:

Spring forward with a microdermabrasion treatment and sand away those dull winter months. This simple, non-surgical procedure brightens and makes skin more radiant by removing dead skin cells from the surface which leads to new collagen production. Plus, it does a nice job of cleaning out your pores. If you have never had microdermabrasion, you will want to have a full skin consultation first with a professional aesthetician. 

2.  Hydrate your body and skin:

You should also be coupling skincare moisturizing products with a higher level of water consumption. Staying hydrated is half the battle year round. We recommend using a professional line of skincare products such as Epionce products to accompany your skincare routine. 

3.  Invest in the right sunscreen:

Not all sunscreen is created equal and some can even contain chemicals that can be downright dangerous to your overall health. And if they are not protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays they are certainly aging your skin at a much faster rate which no one wants. If you call Colorado home, a good sunscreen is a year-round requirement to protect you from skin cancer and other elements. First off, invest in a good hat that provides coverage to your entire face, neck, and chest. Second, make sure what you are applying to your skin actually provides the right coverage. Here is a handy guide from skin to help you choose the most beneficial one. 

4.  Clean your makeup brushes:

Do you apply makeup with brushes? When was the last time you cleaned them or replaced them? If you can’t remember go ahead and take the time to remove all that gunk from those bristles. Dirty brushes not only hold old makeup but quite a bit of bacteria that will go right back on your beautiful, glowing skin—yuck! Here is a video tutorial on how you can safely and effectively clean those brushes

Got more questions about your spring skincare routine? Reach out to us at for a free full consult and how we can make your skin glow this Spring and Summer!