How to Afford Botox and Other Skin Care Treatments on a Budget

I get skin care treatments and in particular, cosmetic BOTOX® on a regular basis. I also get plenty of questions on how I am able to afford these treatments when I am clearly not a celeb with infinite amounts of cash to keep a youthful appearance.

First off, skin care treatments can be pricey for the average middle-class family. And like most needs and wants, you have to divide the two and create a budget to afford what you can.

I’m going to break down some ways to maximize your skin care treatments and cosmetic  BOTOX® with minimal cost or at least what you can afford.

Find an experienced aesthetician that is licensed to do injections. This is very different than an esthetician who usually works in spas or salons and is not certified or trained to do injections. In my experience, dermatologists (not all) tend to use too much BOTOX® and can wipe out your entire budget on just your forehead.

Yes, that actually happened to me and I had to skip the rest of my face because I was broke. Skilled medical aestheticians know how to stretch your dollar and which regions on your face need more units of BOTOX® instead of just shooting up your entire face. On average, cosmetic Botox injections cost anywhere from $12 to $15 for a unit. FYI: one unit is not one stick with a needle. Be upfront with your aesthetician about your budget and how many units you will need with the budget that you have in mind so that you can maximize your results.

Join a BOTOX® Club or discount program that offers touch-ups before effects wear off.

On average, BOTOX® works for up to six months, but waiting till it ALL wears off can usually throw off your budget—waaay off! I get touch-ups on a regular basis or every 8 weeks. This helps with sticker shock and there is usually a discount built in for one of the treatments. Plus, getting on a schedule helps me to better manage my budget. 

Try it before you buy it.

You might be tempted to go bananas once you start seeing the results of your skin care treatments and buy as many serums, moisturizers and other potions that turn back the clock on your skin. Instead of taking home $500 worth of product, ask for samples and make sure they work well with your skin. Plus, based on the complexity of your skin, you may not need everything your aesthetician has on the shelves.

A little dab will do.

Less is more when you are using serums and moisturizers. Once you have found the right products that work for you, use a light amount and resist the temptation to slather too much product on your skin. I have to admit, I used to overuse my lightening serum and ran out way too early.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a trusted aesthetician that offers a free initial consultation and can determine what you need and DON’T need to bring out healthy, youthful skin.