Father’s Day Gift Guide: Skincare Products That Dads Want but Were Afraid to Ask For

Right about now you are scouring the internet for sports fanatics gifts, silk ties and BBQ items that every grill master wants and needs. But the truth of today’s dads is that they care about healthy skin and skincare as much as you do.

I remember the first time I started getting facials in my late twenties and my husband took notice. Not because I was gone every few months for a few hours on a Saturday, it was because he noticed my skin FIRST.

Over the years, my skincare regimen has evolved into Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Once again, he has forgotten that I get any of this shit done but has noticed when the results have finally kicked in.

Which brought him to his first Botox treatment at the age of 45. Working against him was a lack of sunscreen on a daily basis, age, stress, a lack of sleep and exercise and everything else happening to women and men in our daily lives.

What makes the difference is that women have known that we have to battle these combats with skincare treatments to help reverse the effects of aging based on those factors and men are catching on thanks to male celebs.

Here is a list of beauty and skincare gifts today’s dad celebs have been using to keep a youthful appearance and we think that many dads want today but are afraid to ask:

—Chemical Peels:

What guy wouldn’t want a smoother surface, and softer skin while shaving? Chemical peels are effective and leave skin tighter and ready for any razor of electric shaver that it encounters. Chemical peels take off the top layer or layers of skin and bring out younger skin. And speaking of a smoother surface and skin for shaving, Microdermabrasion does just that by taking off the top layers of your skin that causes those levels of sun damage/sun spots, uneven skin tone (which looks strange on anyone) and creates an uneven surface of dead skin, and thick, uneven skin layers.

—Cosmetic BOTOX:

Most guys that have never had BOTOX might have a hangup why they should be getting it done but when they see the results they will truly understand. My husband had a pretty big misunderstanding when he got his first BOTOX treatment. For starters, like most guys, he didn’t notice my results until they had kicked in, but didn’t really have an understanding that his shots would fully kick-in right away. Instead, they slowly kick-in as nature intended and the typical amount of UNITS not shots hovers around 30 in a man’s forehead. Still, when all of my husband’s units kicked in just a week or so later, he got it when those lines dissipated and were no longer in use.

—Bye-Bye Double Chin:

Dad can say goodbye to double chins with Kybellla. Basically, it’s a treatment that, like Botox, is non-surgical and involves an injection to reducing any fat that is on the upper neck. Kybella is the most effective and offers minimal recovery time and instant results. What guy doesn’t want to look younger?

Last but not least, guys need daily skincare products as well and most importantly, skincare or sunscreen protection as well. These daily products help guys have healthier and smoother skin and most importantly, feel more confident.