3 Ways to Keep Skin Safe and Glowing in the Sweat Soaking Summer Months

Technically….the first day of summer is not quite here but the scorching hot temperatures are and that means trying to keep your cool while makeup melts off your face is quite the feat. Not to mention trying to make sure that your skin is still protected from the sun’s powerful rays.

Here are 3 ways and products to keep your skin protected without sacrificing beauty or expensive makeup. 

Shed Your Skin:

If you haven’t already, consider a skincare treatment to exfoliate all those dead skin cells that have been hanging around all winter. Microdermabrasion or a less-intense chemical peel can help you get rid of that winter layer.

Lighten Up:

A lighter moisturizer goes a long way to keep your skin from getting dry. In the warmer months, a heavier lotion is typically not needed for your normal skin. 

Two for One: 

Tinted lotions that contain solid SPF coverage and protection from the sun are all the rage and for good reason. Many of the sunscreens on the market not only contain chemicals that are harmful to your health but do not adequately protect your skin from the sun damage. Try Epionce’s Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen which contains a tint to replace heavy makeups with enough sunscreen to work for up to 80 minutes.

Lastly, wear light clothing, hats or sunglasses that offer additional coverage and protection from the sun.