5 Ways to Look 5 Years Younger Now

I don’t mind getting older, I just don’t want my face to show it. And like many in their youth, I failed to use sunscreen on a regular basis (to be fair, getting a savage tan was really in back in the 90s), and took the time to prevent wrinkles since they weren’t a problem for me until I hit my late 30s.

Then, following some plastic surgery, I took a good look at my face. My sunbathing and lack of a good skin care regiment had finally caught up with me. My sunspots had surfaced and it was time to get my shit together in the skincare department.

One year later, here is what I’ve learned about taking 5 years off your age and adding life to your skin.

Find an experienced and professional aesthetician.   I cannot begin to stress this enough. Before you do ANYTHING to turn back the clock, you need an assessment and a solid consultation that accounts for your current and past medical history, skin sensitivity and a plan that is tailored to you. I have had a few facials gone bad, and I speak from experience on this.

Protection is key.   Nothing speeds up the aging process like the sun. Invest in sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide and zinc and apply every day, year round. The sun not only causes wrinkles and sunspots but the most preventable form of cancer, skin cancer. Personally speaking, I’m fair skinned and have a history so I should have been taking better care back in the day. I also invested in hats—lots of hats and sunglasses.

Cosmetic Botox.   Botox is also another thing I should have been doing in my mid to late thirties BEFORE those wrinkles made an unwanted appearance. Botox works by keeping the nerves in the muscles from contracting. My preference is that I can still make expressions but with fewer lines. Additionally, I don’t wait for my Botox to wear off around the 4 to 6-month mark and get touch-ups as I need them by joining a Botox Membership Club that allows me to go every eight weeks on an as-needed basis and get rewarded. 

Fillers a.k.a Juvederm.   This is not to be confused with Botox and may not always be an option for everyone depending on your skin. Again, it’s all about finding the right licensed and experienced aesthetician. Fillers literally work by filling in those areas around the nose/cheek area that begin to sag a bit as you age. It did wonders for me but it can be a bit pricey so weigh all your options first.

Chemical Peels.   based on your history and health of your skin, chemical peels remove those layers of skin where dead cells and sunspots have been hanging out. There are varying levels and while it comes with minimal risk, the rewards are big. Again, DO NOT try this at home and leave it to the licensed experts.