How to Avoid Getting Those Dreaded Summer Brown Spots on Your Skin

Summer means warm weather, vacations, beach and pool time and grill outs. It also means your skin is more susceptible to those pesky brown, sun spots and freckles. Fight back this summer season with these simple precautions and keep your skin as nature intended.

—Keep sunscreen on your face ALL DAY ALL THE TIME

One of the biggest culprits of sun spots is the sun’s rays. To be more specific, the sun’s UV light. First off, and we’ve covered this often, make sure you are wearing the right kind of sunscreen and make sure you are applying every two hours or so to prevent those spots from happening or resurfacing. Look for the label to contain titanium dioxide and zinc. To learn which sunscreen provides the most protection visit our blog on sunscreen

—Stay cool

Skin that heats up while outside speeds up melanin activity which basically means it helps speed up the process of those dark spots. Avoid using hot water to wash skin and taking it a step further, keep skincare products in the fridge for a quick cool down to your skin. Just be sure they should or can be stored at those temps. Better yet, if your skin is looking a bit overheated in the sun, give it a quick splash of cold water.

—Packed full of vitamins

You are what you eat and as the largest organ in your body, your skin replies in kind. Vitamin C taken internally and used on the skin in a Vitamin C serum not only helps lighten skin but applied before your sunscreen helps further protect your skin from the sun. 

Last but certainly not least, get a chemical peel to strip away years and years of sun damage. However, DO NOT try this at home. The most effective and safe chemical peels are performed by a licensed aesthetician that will perform a consultation first tailored to your skin’s needs. Here is a quick guide to the benefits of chemical peels